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About Us

Electricity is the pillar of our civilization today. Our world revolves around it, from home to industries, the world is built around watts. Therefore you will always need electrical expertise from installations to maintenance and repairs.

The question, however, is if you are getting the right hands.

The age we live in today is hi-tech and being a jack of all trades is far from excellence. Therefore electrical works are best delegated to electrical specialists. Technical inadequacy on the part of electrical personnel does not only mean your appliances are always getting bad, it could even go as far as life-threatening from cases of fire outbreaks to electrical failure.

This is where we come in, giving you the best quality electrical at your convenience and affordability. Electrical malfunctions may be frustrating, we know this very well hence we will surmount all possible immediacy to fix your appliance and your smile back.

Our professionals are rigorously trained and scrutinized, this way you are not getting less than the best service when you work with us. Aside from their technical brilliance, our specialists are interactive with a big listening ear to get in as much of your preferences in.

100% quality is a habitual integral of our service. How have we been able to build our enviable reputation all around Melbourne? By never compromising on quality, and we are not starting now either. Our services are completely compliant with statutory regulations to ensure that the safest and most reliable service is what you are getting with us.

Electrical service generally is technical and demanding but we make it well affordable. Our prices are very competitive. We don’t think you should damage your finances to fix your electrical damages or general electrical needs.

We restore your appliances, electrifying your face with a smile in the process. There are no hidden extras, we are transparent to a fault.


  • We will upgrade and maintain all your electrical lighting appliances from safety switches, LED lighting, as far as your switchboard

  • We will help you with all your internet connectivity installations

  • We will help with the design, installation, and repair of your TV and data cabling

  • We will help you with the installation of your kitchen appliances, disconnecting and eliminating units you don’t need

  • We will install your kitchen & bathroom appliances -including the disconnection and removal of unwanted units.

  • You will always get a full manufacturer’s warranty.

Punctuality, dedication, and efficacy are the hallmarks of our services. It hurts us that you have electrical needs waiting to be attended to. No, they are too delicate and shouldn’t wait. We will give you the royal urgency and attention you deserve, quickly dispatching our experts to bring you affordable solution all at your comfort.

Over the years, our customers have come to inseparably associate us with reliability. We have eager experts ready at your call to come give you lasting and sustainable service.

There are other things where a boy can do a man’s job but definitely not for electrical services. Only the best would do. Hence we readily present our refined services at your relish.

Nothing is more important than a customer’s smile, and how else can we get this other than giving you the best?