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Many would hastily dismiss the importance of a safety switch, many would readily ignore the need of modern electrical upgrades to the ailing electrical infrastructure in their homes. But for our love for you, we at Priority Electrical will advise you not to dare ignore how much you need one in your residential building. At least if not for you, then your loved homes ones in your home.

Electricity is beautiful, electricity is amazing and electricity is also lethal. The lethality of electricity emphasizes why despite the mesmerizing glamour electrical power brings to your home, you should never undermine the necessity of maintaining safety and standard electrical protocols. A large part of this safety has to do with the installation of safety switches in your switchboard as far as to the installation of isolated transformers and residual current devices (RCD devices).

Across our many years of operation, we have seen that majority of Australian homes don’t have safety switches on their switchboards across other services like safety maintenance and electrical upgrades. Many of such homes find cheap succor in the fact that their switchboards have circuit breakers. But this is not enough. The absence of a safety switch from your switchboard is an absurd exposure to danger, just like when your home is not properly earthed.

Nonetheless, don’t worry our experts would perfectly equip you with a sustainable and functional switchboard upgrade (as well as other safety electrical upgrades) to measure up to modern safety standards specially enhanced with a test button. Not only switchboard upgrade, we handle all sorts of electrical upgrades, from meter bases, panels to line side service entrance cable.

At Priority Electrical, we have brought abundant safety to many homes across Australia our reliable electrical services among which includes the sufficient installation of safety switches and switchboards. We can’t bear you being unsafe. Therefore we will expedite all available means to make sure we make sure you and your loves are well protected from all electrical aggression as typified in electrocutions from malfunctions, wrong earthing and others. Our reputation is consolidated on our dedication towards making Australian homes havens of safety.

You definitely don’t want to experience electric shocks, you definitely need safety switches, recessed sockets, four-way switched socket outlets and other safety electrical installations that we handle. More importantly, you need the right expertise installing these electrical upgrades as well. This is where our seasoned veterans at Priority Electrical come in handily. When well installed, a safety switch as seen when we upgrade your switchboard will keep a close eye on how electricity is transported around the circuits if your home. This largely eliminates the ugly eventualities of switches going bad undetected as well as avoiding electrical current spilling to the earth. In the end, you are safe. How important is your safety to us!

Are you still gesticulating if you should upgrade your switchboard with a competent safety switch, are you hesitant to allow us bring more beauty to your home with our general safety residential electrical services? Wait no more. What is a home without safety?

Our experts can adequately beef up the electrical safety of your home with the appropriate number of safety switches as the new lighting legislation states that you need at least two switchboards. The bigger beauty of all this is the test button that comes with our installations of your safety switches. If such button fails after some time, that means an electrical fault is nearby. Don’t hesitate to call us.

Would you risk your family a day further without a proper electrical upgrade to your building and safety switches? Call us today and we are right there to bring safety to your home!